I am a second generation photographer. I started taking pictures I think as soon as I was able to hold a camera.  As digital cameras became mainstream I immediately took advantage of all the great features and capabilities which traditional 35-mm never allowed.  Now using a full frame Canon 5D, I have all the range I had with my fathers Canon F-1 and none of the drawbacks.  It is literally a digital 35-mm camera, which makes a huge difference in the quality and print size of my work.

I am at the very heart, a portrait photographer.  However after doing many different styles I became most interested in glamour, fashion and the female form.  If its a head shot or a newly crowed pageant queen I like to tell a story in any image I create.  I am best known for many iconic images of various models in the pageant and catalog or print model industry's.

Now having established studio's in both New York City and Alexandria, VA I am able to cover a variety of different types of both pageant photography and glamour while building a steadily portfolio in the fashion world as well.

If you are looking for head shots, glamour shots or promotional images for print or web, feel free to contact me using the form to the right and I will be happy to discuss how I can

-Al Salerno